FilterPave Parking / Walking Areas : Aliphatic Clearcoat

MARKET: Protective Coatings : Parking Area / Walking Paths
SYSTEM: Aliphatic Clearcoat™
PROJECT: Protective Coating for FilterPave Parking / Walking areas
OWNER: Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area, Lake Simcoe, Aurora, Ontario
CONTRACTOR: UCC Group Inc, Ontario, Canada

Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area, part of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) is 26 hectares (65 acres) in size, and has over 2 miles (3 kms) of hiking trails, thirteen soccer fields, two picnic pavilions and several historic buildings including a maple syrup evaporator hut and the Sheppard family house. This area is located in the heart of Aurora, Ontario and is very popular year round for picnickers, hikers and power walkers.

A 30,000 ft2 new pavement parking / walking area was constructed using the FilterPave Porous Pavement System from Presto Geosystems.

FilterPave is a unique, porous pavement system composed of post-consumer recycled glass and urethane binder system. This pavement system provides safe walking / driving surfaces along with environmentally safe components. It is a hard-surfaced pavement with porosity comparable to an open graded base course and a riding surface similar to concrete.

In order to improve the performance and aesthetics of the FilterPave pavement, and still maintaining the porous nature, the Aliphatic Clear Coat (ACC) system from VersaFlex Incorporated is applied as a top coat material in a non-continuous film. This clear, UV stable material provides for surface appearance depth, while still maintaining the safety and porosity of the FilterPave pavement.

For installation of the ACC to the FilterPave system, and AST plural component pump unit was used fitted with a static mix / low pressure spray gun. Application of the ACC system to the 30,000 ft2 was completed within 12 hours.

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