S.F. Phosphates Limited: FSS 45DC + Geotextile

MARKET: Containment : Geotextile
SYSTEM: FSS 45DC Elastomeric Polyurea
PROJECT: 4 oz non-woven geotextile fabric with polyurea coating
OWNER: S.F. Phosphates Limited, Rock Springs, Wyoming
CONTRACTOR: Systems Development Services Inc.

Protection of the ground soil and fast installation were the two primary concerns of the consulting/ engineering firm, specifying polyurea over this geotextile fabric application at S.F. Phosphates.  Because the actual project took place during plant shutdown/turn around, it was imperitive that a system be used that could be installed in less than 6 hours, and yet have enough cure time to accept a new concrete pour within minutes of completed application. Originally a single-ply membrane system had been considered, however the number of seams required to install the membrane and the installation time frame proved unacceptable.

System Development Services, a certified VersaFlex applicator, started this 3800 s.f. project shortly before noon.  An average of 80 mils was applied to the entire surface in 5 hours.  One hour later, rock fill, steel, and concrete was being placed.

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