Israel Desalinization Plant: AquaVers® 405

MARKET: Potable Water Systems
SYSTEM: AquaVers 405 : NSF/ANSI 61.5 Barrier Material
PROJECT: Suez / Israel Water Systems
OWNER: Various
CONTRACTOR: Polyurea Ltd., Haifa, Israel

This desalinization process water facility in Israel will provide much needed additional capacity to an arid environment. The project is one of the first of several utilizing the newest designs for conversion of large volumes of seawater.

The installing contractor was able to comfortably maintain critical path scheduling through use of the fast curing VersaFlex pure AquaVers 405 system.

A variety of substrate types and shapes present no difficulties for maintaining uniform product application. The elastomeric qualities of the system will insure that curing or movement / cracking of concrete substrates will not impair the protective and containment functions of the coating.

This application ranged from 40 mils to 60 mils depending on the substrate and particular exposure anticipated. The system has been designed for a minimum 25 year service life — other aspects of the facility will likely require maintenance sooner than the portions being lined with AquaVers 405.

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