Consumer Club Warehouse Floor : Aliphatic Clearcoat

MARKET: Floor Coatings : Warehouse Floor
SYSTEM: Aliphatic Clearcoat™
PROJECT: Warehouse Floor Rehabilitation : Automobile Bays
OWNER: Well-known National Consumer Club
CONTRACTOR: Pro Concrete Designs, Jameon Schwarz

When a well known national brand consumer wholesale club needed a warehouse floor rehabilitated they called on VersaFlex Aliphatic Clear Coat (ACC) for a durable, protective and decorative finish.

The 2,500 sq ft area was for their automotive and tire center in Ames, Iowa. When their first attempt to re-work the floor with a lesser brand self-leveling coating system failed, they called on Jameon Schwarz and Pro Concrete Designs to get it right.

The consumer’s club warehouse was 100% operational and had no time to take the floor area out of service. Polyurea was selected because of its fast set nature and rapid return to service ability.

The work was all done at night and then had to be returned for traffic each morning. Because of the skill and experience of Pro Concrete Designs, the total job was completed in just three nights worth of work. Due to a leak in the building, they had some rain come in that caused a brief delay during the prep stage. Luckily Schwarz’s team was quick to respond, able to dry the area and immediately return to the project.

Schwarz’s seven man crew used hand grinders to prep and clean the floor during the first two nights. They used VersaFlex Quick Mender to repair the cracks and spalled concrete. When it came time for the decorative coating, they selected VersaFlex’s Aliphatic Clear Coat (ACC) due to its ease of use, durability and beautiful aesthetic finish. The outdoor ambient temperature was a bit cold which caused the installation team to rethink their material storage plan. They ended up putting the material into a heated room to warm the materials allow them to flow better. When ready for use, they pulled the material directly from the hotbox and immediately rolled them out for direct application.

The ACC was applied in two separate coats. A 10 mil base coat was applied, then aggregate was broadcast for a slip resistant texture. The ACC was applied using squeegees and blade rollers. Once the first coat with aggregate was completed, Pro Concrete Designs came back with another 18-20 mils topcoat to lock in the aggregate and give the floor its final surface.

The next morning at 9:00 am the consumer’s club warehouse floor was completed, carts were put back and the area was open to full traffic. “This type of rapid turnaround and high quality finish could only have been completed using VersaFlex materials,” said Schwarz. “The store manager did a final walkaround and he loved it,” Schwarz further added.

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