North Carolina Zoological Park, Grizzly Bear Habitat: FSS 45DC Pure Polyurea

MARKET: Waterproofing : Animal Habitats & Water Features
SYSTEM: FSS 45DC Elastomeric Spray Polyurea
PROJECT: Grizzly Bear Habitat : Water Basins and Decorative Rock Formations
OWNER: North Carolina Zoological Park, Asheville, NC
CONTRACTOR: Safe Step, Danny Cook, Randleton, NC

The North Carolina Zoological Park, in Asheville, once again called upon Safe Step to effect repairs at the massive facility. This time the grizzly enclosure was in need of work, since over the years the large swimming tank had developed leaks and the grizzlies had begun to destroy the gunite rocks and slabs. Just like any creature with too much time on their paws, the redoubtable grizzlies pick at stuff until they demolish it.

Five days was all the Park could allow for repairs, as the Grizzly bears would begin to go into shock in their temporary pens, an undesirable effect.

Safe Step repaired the tank with epoxy injection, and then a 60 mil polyurea coating was applied to the tank and all the other watercourses in the compound. They reworked some of rocks and slabs and coated those features with either brown or gray aromatic polyurea, to blend into the overall color scheme. The mocha and light gray 45DC has much higher color stability properties then older formulations due to upgraded amines and pigments.

This is the second in an ongoing series of Zoo and Aquarium features that Safe Step has undertaken. These are highly sensitive projects with regard to the health of the animals. All fresh and saltwater containing features require careful attention and use of the safest coatings and linings modern technology can provide.

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