Demineralized Water Tanks: FSS 50DM Polyurea

MARKET: Waterproofing : Tank
SYSTEM: FSS 50DM Elastomeric Polyurea
PROJECT: Demineralized Water Tanks
OWNER: Petrochemical Company
CONTRACTOR: Pan Mechanic Engineering

A major petrochemical company needed two steel tanks which would hold demineralized water to have a protective coating installed. After looking over the specifications, it was determined that the best option was VersaFlex’s FSS 50-DM.

In addition to the general superiority of VersaFlex’s Pure Polyurea system in relation to conventional coatings, the fast-setting and rapid curing properties of the FSS 50-DM system allowed the work to be completed in a much shorter time period than had been originally anticipated.

The tanks were blasted to SA2.5, with a blast profile of at least 50-75 microns. Salt test was then conducted to ensure it met the minimum requirements. The next (and final) step of the installation was to spray the tanks with 60-80 mils of the FSS 50-DM system and remove the scaffolding.

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