Cargill Agriculture: VF 350 Pure Polyurea

MARKET: Waterproofing : Concrete Substrate
SYSTEM: VF 350 Pure Polyurea Elastomeric Spray
PROJECT: Concrete Roof Deck Rehabilitation and Coating
OWNER: Cargill Agriculture, Elm Creek Farm Service Center, Manitoba, CA
CONTRACTOR: EMW, Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Cargill facility is primarily a large grain elevator for seed and fertilizer. Constructed of concrete, the roof area has cracked and leaks, causing spoilage of the grain. Tar / asphalt has been used over the years, but continues to crack and require repairs. The polyurea coating technology was chosen due to the high elongation, toughness and ability to apply in the cooler weather.

Prior to installation, the old tar / asphalt had to be removed using a pressure wash system. The cleaned concrete roof was then primed using an epoxy based, low temperature primer system, followed by installation of a nominal minimum average 60—80 mils (1.5—2.0 mm) of the VersaFlex VF 350 aromatic spray polyurea system. This system has an elongation of 400%, easily handling any movement that would occur in the structure.

Since this was November in Canada, there were several days where the rain, sleet and cool weather called for application interruptions. The fast / complete cure of the VF 350 polyurea system was unaffected by these conditions. Application was completed in less than one week. There have been no leaks since installation work was completed.

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